Sahrdaya Foundation

Sahrdaya Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to arts education, performance, and community outreach and offering a holistic curriculum for dance, music, and other allied forms to students ages six and above.

our vision

every artist is first a sahrdaya: a viewer, listener, or reader who responds to the artwork with open heart and mind
art will blossom in every child and every student who aims to be humble, who strives to be good, who loves humanity
art should be accessible to all
art inspires awareness and empathy
art heals

our mission

inner balance, together with a firm foundation in technique and its explorations, as fundamental to artistic pursuit
spontaneity and self-critique as key aspects of the creative process
engagement through the arts with community and the world around us
dialogue between artists and audiences on the role of the classical arts in today’s world
the vibrant synergy of visual, literary, and performing arts in the Indian context


The Sahrdaya Foundation aims to provide access and exposure to the arts for all. We actively build relationships with community organizations targeting different underprivileged and at-risk constituencies at local, regional, and national levels.